As Audis small SUV segment into the first model, unveiled the Audi Q2 will undoubtedly become a major focus of this years Geneva Motor Show, Volkswagen Group booth. From the appearance of the new car and interior design point of view, its more prominent stylish, dynamic design, and this focus will win the favor of the young consumer groups. Although the car is positioned as a small SUV level, but its wheelbase compared to the performance of the Audi Q3 No there is a big gap, and the design of small-displacement engine Citroen 1.6 turbocharger and lightweight application, it is also expected to make the car will have a fuel economy on good performance . Overall, although the body size reduced, but the Audi Q2 of design and technical level has not diminished, it can be said Audi has brought us a fine car. Audi Q2 is not only the Audi brands first compact SUV, look at the level of the luxury brand, Audi is also involved in this segment of the market pioneer. It is reported that the Audi Q2 will be officially listed in the third quarter 2016 in Europe, and for the domestic market, the popular small SUV market will also provide adequate space for development Audi Q2 T3 turbocharger, the car is expected to be introduced in the future of the domestic market, However, the introduction of specific time and the introduction of the way is still unknown. However, at the Geneva Motor Show, Volkswagen Group (China) CEO Heizmann in our interview, said the future of the Volkswagen Group will have 10 SUV models Impreza STI Coilovers introduced domestically, such a huge SUV or domestic lineup will include the Audi Q2 models.