Yep. :3 I have to go perform at a concert. I have to be there by 4:30, its 3:33. So no internet, most likely. But lots of people have their DSs n stuff there, so Im hoping for StreetPass and maybe a few friend codes. We all usually go on Pictochat, gonna have to find it on my 3DS..

Welp... No Pictochat. .-. Oh well. :3 was planning to bring both the DSi and 3DS anyway.

IM BACK! :D It went great! I saw my friend Taylor there, I havent seen her in like 2 years! X333333 I got really excited when I saw her. I got a drawing done while I was there, imma try and put it here X3



YAY, IT WORKED! X333333333333 Anyway, this is what I got done. Its just a little doodle, I think I probably could have done better. Oh well, I still like it!

So, more on the concert. We had pizza, and I had on a white shirt. Guess what happened. I got pizza on the white shirt. Not too much, though, so it was all good. :3 No-one seems to have noticed. And I did get a StreetPass. It was a guy in our choir, with a random Mii named Serah. XD Its got to be one of the funniest Miis Ive ever seen. Well, I gotta go. :3 If you ask, I can tell you all some more on what happened.